Project Update #8


I felt like i wanted to redo one of my earlier projects in lack of things to do. I started working on it by using the elliptical marque tool and filling the path. The shading in the background looked a lot better than the first one, but the lines didn’t quite turn out how I wanted them to. I kept copying and pasting the layers. I am going to stop working on it though because 1 The project isn’t turning out how I wanted it to, and 2 the computer I am using will not load the project when I open it.

Project Update #7

ImageI am currently working on a S.H.I.E.L.D. typography logo. I wanted to make this because I am going to go see the Avengers this weekend. I am planning on overlaying the image over the text because I think it makes the logo look nice. I am going to also use the type on path tool, and I am currently using the pen tool.

Project Update #6

I am currently working on a logo for a made-up design company. The QR code below DECODED DESIGNS will send the user to my site when it is scanned. The decoded is just a font that I overlaid on a bar code that I made using the line tool. So far it is coming along nicely, but i do not like the background and feel something could be done with that.

Tutorials #4

These were my favorite two tutorials that I have done yet. Both weren’t too difficult but weren’t easy either. I learned how to use clipping masks on the music tutorial and how to create cool lighting effects with the rectangular marque tool and paint brush. I did both of these because i like how the final image would turn out and I wanted to know how to create those effects. If I had to choose between which tutorial i liked better i would choose the music one because I like how the clipping mask and overlay just brightened the words instead of just showing the words. Overall, I enjoyed these tutorials a lot and I am planning on using the music effect in some type of logo.

Project Update #5

I finally finished this project, I have been working on a lot of tutorials recently so I didn’t get around to finishing this. The changes from last time are the cloud and the selection sign by the player names. I used the pen tool yet again for the cloud and just gave it a Gaussian blur to make it look distorted because in the actual game the objects aren’t crystal clear. I am happy how it turned out though.

Tutorials #3

These tutorials were very fun to do. The second tutorial (box) took me a few days to make just because there were so many shapes to make. I liked how the shapes turned out though because the 3D effect was really easy to make and i liked it more than the 3D effect. The first tutorial wasn’t that hard, it just took forever to get the satin just right to make the image look like metal. I used the pen tool for the second one and for the first one I just used the text tool and blending modes. I think these are two of the most useful tutorials I have done so far just because I now know how to make an easy metallic text and 3D shapes. I am planning on doing another abstract project so maybe the shapes will be incorporated in somewhere.

Project Update #4

I am still working on the same project. I have gotten side-tracked with a few other tutorials that are taking up all of my time. I am still using the same tools. (pen tool and rectangle tool) I am currently working on the text that will go no the top such as the score and how many lives the player has. I am thinking i will like the outcome.